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Diamond Hands
or Paper Hands

Eliminate paper hands from your community. We provide instant scores and comparison reports for any number of addresses. Use our intelligence in your NFT marketing and whitelist decisions.

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Increase your floor price

Using our millions of data points, we benchmark your whitelist against top collections. See how your whitelist metrics compare to other successful or failed collections.

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AI-powered analysis

Through a combination of ML and statistical approaches, we take in terabytes of transaction data and give you clear scores and actionable insights on your users' behavior.



Co-founder, Engineer

Previously founded Scalable, a $500M ecommerce platform, Flotype (YC W2011), Lever, Amazon, Berkeley.


Co-founder, Engineer

Built ML tooling at Cresta AI, Early engineer at FTX + Alameda Research scaling from $0 to $1B, AngelList, Berkeley.

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We index all ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-20 assets and their transactions

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