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Godmode view of all mints

Get instant alerts of mints as they happen or view 10 minute and 1 hour summaries of top mints. We've baked in 2.5 Intelligence data so you can see which collections and minters are Whales, Diamond Hands, Smart Money, Blue Chip holders and more

Speed is key

Using private Ethereum nodes we send alerts to you faster than other tools. We know how crucial those first few minutes of a stealth mint are. Most mints are alerted within 2 seconds of block confirmation, even faster than Etherscan.

Added Intelligence

We’ve added 2.5 Intelligence into our Mint Bot. You can stream all mints globally while filtering your search by smart money activity, blue chip holders, whales and more.

Easy Configuration

We understand your time is valuable. We made it so anyone, no matter their technical knowledge can install and use our bots effortlessly. Just run /track to start streaming mint alerts.

Endless Customization

We allow custom filtering to give the best insight into new mints and who is minting.

Safe and Secure

Thousands of communities currently use our bots. We invest heavily in safety and security. Our focus on support and your server's success means you can rely on our bots.

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355 Installed
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