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Track any collection on any chain supported by OpenSea
Instant Alerts

Never miss a sale or listing with swift alerts sent straight to your server. Keep your community engaged with our highly customizable tracking bot.

We run our own Ethereum nodes powered by 2.5 Intelligence to get you the fastest alerts possible. Up to 50 seconds faster than other bots.

Easy Configuration

We understand your time is valuable. We made it so anyone, no matter their technical knowledge can install and use our bots effortlessly. Just run /track with an OpenSea URL to start getting alerts.

Safe and Secure

Thousands of communities currently use our bots. We invest heavily in safety and security. Our focus on support and your server's success means you can rely on our bots.

Customizable Experience

Customize your bot by adding a @role notfication or switching between large picture and small picture modes and. Need more customization? We can help! Just file a ticket on our Discord server.

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3.3K Installed
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