Partner with 2.5 Intelligence

2.5 Intelligence partners with high quality projects, providing exclusive access to advanced engagement tools.

Engagement Campaigns

2.5's partners can access exclusive channels for promoting their projects and upcoming events. We can help bring brand awareness to your project through our network of properties that deliver millions of impressions weekly.

Intelligence Reports

Partners can access unlimited intelligence reports. Make informed decisions about your collabs, whitelist, and your community by understanding their on-chain data enriched with off-chain info. View a sample report.

Custom Capabilities

Partners can gain access to increased tracking limits and bot customization.

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can be a valuable partner to your project.

Free for approved partners

Generally 2.5 only selects partners by using our intelligence data to identify outstanding projects amongst bot users. If you'd like to discuss partnership, please open a ticket on our Discord.

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