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  • Address validation for ETH, SOL, Polygon and BSC
  • Set a minimum ETH, SOL, or MATIC balance
  • Set a required role
  • Export multiple whitelists by role
  • Export address list as CSV
Collect Wallets from your Community

We've whitelisted over 500,000 wallets for projects small and large.

NEW Address Intelligence

We've added advanced data features from 2.5 Intelligence so you can see which of your whitelist addresses are diamond hands, paper hands, whales, and more!.

Easy Configuration

We understand your time is valuable. We made it so anyone, no matter their technical knowledge can install and use our bots effortlessly.

Safe and Secure

Thousands of communities currently use our bots. We invest heavily in safety and security. Our focus on support and your server's success means you can rely on our bots.

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2.5K Installed
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