2.5 Governance

From the 2.5 Intelligence founding team

The blockchain contains data from all of us. It's open and public. We believe this is what makes web3 special. For the first time our data isn't just owned by web2 corporate giants and their tracking cookies. Putting data back in the hands of the community will create something special.

What happens when our data is not used just for advertising, but for building? For creating communities?

We invite all web3 users to join our community and help govern 2.5 Intelligence (and be rewarded for their contributions!). In web3, data and what happens with it will be dictated by the community, not a black box company.

Help us build the future of blockchain intelligence together
Propose new reputation scores and metrics
Vote on scoring algorithm changes
Preview new blockchain alpha
Test developer SDKs And APIs
Get treasury rewards
Buidl web3
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